Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Bercow and Clarke - Two principled Tories I'd vote for

In the last week or so, we've seen two of the finest examples of proper politicians doing the job we pay them to do. The first was Ken Clarke in the debate on serving notice on section 50. Clarke proved what many of us have known for years. He is a proper heavyweight, a man with huge experience of government, over many decades with many leaders. Myself and Clarke do not agree on aspects of economic policy, but he is a man of sound judgement and if you want to pick an argument with him, you need to know what you are talking about. He is also a normal human being. He has a love of Jazz and used to enjoy the fee Jazz music that Ken Livingstone was getting the GLC to put on, back in the 1980's. When challenged as to how he could watch Livingstone supported Jazz, Clarke simply responded that when Livingstone did something sensible like makin Jazz accessable to all, it was sensible to go along and have a great evening. If you'veever heard Clarke on a phone in show, it soon becomes clear that he's a far from one dimensional politician and person. That is the type of politician we need. I'd vote for him, simply because we need people who know their own mind and are not afraid to speak out.

Another example of this breed of sensible and brave Conservative was shown yesterday with John Bercow stating that Trump wasn't welcome at The Houses of Parliament because he is a racist, a sexist and does not support the rule of law with his attacks on the judiciary. I was not expecting this at all, but am delighted that the case against Trump has been called about in Parliament. Like Clarke, Bercow has a life beyond politics. His colourful wife Sally is a real character, who is a Labour supporter and clearly not a demur housewife. Bercow comes from a Jewish background and knows exactly what happens when you get leaders who are racist and don't respect the judiciary and the laws of the land. He deserves the support of every decent person in the country for his intervention.

I'd vote for the pair of them.

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I would vote for the pair of them too.