Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - Wednesday 13/12/2017

This morning we are over half way through Advent to Xmas!

For today's gem, we visit Childs Hill (which if you are unfamiliar with the area is to the North Eastern side of Cricklewood, where Cricklewood station is located), the manor of my friend Jack Cohen. This is a spiffingly good little video, put together by Molly Brown. Some nice footage and quite amusing.

The Childs Hill and Cricklewood areas are blessed with a fantastic community spirit. I've seen this first hand this year as we've supplied sound systems for the Cricklewood festival and the Xmas lights switch on. The Town team really make the most of the spaces in the Borough, and work to keep the place neat and tidy.

And as we are in Childs Hill, it only seems polite to give the Town Team a plug. They have worked tirelessly to promote the area, conserve green spaces and make the place a vibrant community. So if you are a Childs Hill or anywhere else in Cricklewood resident, please checkout their website and consider becoming a member.

The larger Cricklewood area is quite an interesting place, three different London Boroughs have a chunk, Barnet, Brent and Camden. This means that not only does the Town team have the usual challenges, they have to contend with three large bureacracys rather than the single entity most of us are blessed with!

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar is all about promoting our community and organisations such as Cricklewood Town Team is a fantastic example of what you can do if you  are prepared to put hard work into your community.

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