Wednesday 21 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 21st December

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar has only a few days left to run. We hope you've enjoyed a few of the clips we've posted showing just what a different world the Borough is today, to how it was in the early and middle part of the last century. Todays clip is one I found extremely interesting. It is a Pathe News clip of the Finchley Carnival Baby show in 1961 (the year before I was born), to raise money for the Imperial Cancer Research fund.

At the height of lockdown, I digitised many pictures in our families collection. I posted a blog featuring pictures taken at Finchley Carnival in 1966 and 1973, which locals may enjoy -

There is a statement in the film, where the commentator says "In this day and age, we spend millions on missiles and hold flag days for Cancer". What have we learned in the 60 years since the film was made? Well now we spend billions on missiles, but we still hold flag days for cancer, so I guess we my must conclude that we've learned absolutely F... all.

I suppose the good news is that many forms of cancer are treatable (as I am pleased to have personally experienced). This is due in part to the flag days and baby shows we've held for the last 60 years to raise money for Cancer Research.As someone living with Cancer, I wholeheartedly support these efforts. On a personal note, today I learned that my cousin's wife in Australia is starting chemo today, so this is tinged with a bit of a personal edge.

Please can I make a simple request. As Christmas approaches, why not buy one of your friends or family a present from a local Cancer research UK shop?

So if you were one of the bouncing babies at the1961 Finchley Carnival Baby show or even if you weren't, here's your local Cancer research shop, pop in and buy something. My greatest hope is that one day, cancer Research UK can shut all its shops and say "Job Done". One way or another this day will come all the sooner with

Mill Hill
37 The Broadway , Mill Hill, London
0208 9064628
24 The Broadway, Stanmore, Middlesex
0208 9540462
69 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London
N3 1XT
0208 3494962
124 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
0208 2076366
North Finchley 
775 High Road, North Finchley, London
N12 8JY
0208 4468289
75 High Street, Barnet, Herts
020 8440 1658
Golders Green
871 Finchley Road, Golders Green, London
NW11 8RR
0208 4586914
East Barnet
276 East Barnet Road, East Barnet, Hertfordshire

If  you can't make it to a shop, click here to donate
0208 4490850

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