Monday, 11 December 2017

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - Monday 11th December - Guest window from Dr Julia Hines

Today we have a guest window. Contributed by long time friend of this blog and chair of Age UK Barnet, Dr Julia Hines.

Our gem today is one I'd never heard of, but will definately check out. Did you know there is a Belarussian church in Woodside Park, built of wood, as a memorial to the victims of Chernobyl?

The Church of St Cyril of Turau and All the Patron Saints The church is located next to the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum and the Marian House, a Belarusian community centre in Woodside Park. It was built as a memorial to victims of Chernobyl and completed in 2016.
The design primarily draws inspiration from the rural wooden churches in Belarus. The materials palette was restricted to wood and glass to reflect their austere and tranquil beauty.  It is therefore essentially ‘windowless’ reflecting the inward-focused Byzantine liturgical tradition. The design of the external walls was inspired by the traditional vertical timber cladding of the Baroque Uniate churches of Belarus.

Julia has nominated Art Against Knives as her good cause for todays window.

This is a brilliant charity leading the fight in our community,  educating young people that there are better things in life than violence and carrying knives.

Do you have a local gem and a local good cause that you'd like to see in a window? Why not drop us an email and let us know. The Barnet Eye is dedicating the Advent period to building community in our locality, so why not help by giving us your nominations? This has proven to be enormously popular this year, so why not add your window?

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