Thursday 1 December 2022

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - 1st December - A real Cracker!

 Advent is here! Once more, The Barnet Eye is giving you a daily treat. All you have to do is open the page. You will get a daily surprise. Regular, long time readers will be familar with the series. In past years, I've shared all manner of great videos and promoted local charities, so if you feel like you want to share the love this Xmas, hopefully you will get a few ideas.

This year, I've decided to bend the rules a little bit. Not every video will be Barnet related. This is not because there isn't lots of great content, but because, there are a few truly wonderful videos that I really want to share and can't if I stick to the constraints of years gone by. 

So on to this year's treats. Regular readers will know that I regularly drive up to Manchester. Many doubtless imagine that I blast our punk rock on the stereo coming home. Actually, you couldn't be more wrong. I usually listen to TED talks. An interesting lecture will keep you awake in a way music doesn't.

As a dyslexic, I've always struggled massively with language and grammar and linguistic concepts. I came across this talk, back in 2012. It is by an amazing guy, a Vietnamese refugee who became a language teacher. He is the first person who ever managed to explain the concept of the subjunctive in both an interesting and engaging manner. Of all the TED talks I've listened to, this is far and away the best, so this is my gift to you. Please watch it, you won't be disappointed (I'm not on commission).

And as ever, we have a charity plug as well.

We start with a charity run by a good mate of mine, Ginger Meadham. After a brush with the Big C, as a drummer in a Psychobilly band (frantic 50's style rockabilly for want of a better description), he set up a charity called Psychobilly Kicks back, to raise money for cancer charity Cherry Lodge Cancer Care. They have a mini festival and a charity EP coming out, please support them.  - 

Only 24 more days to go!


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