Monday 18 July 2022

The greatest hits of Barnet Council - The Future Shape of the Council - Hilarious Nanny State video from the former Tory adminstration

 I was doing some research on my blog and I came across this. Please watch it, it is hilarious. The Tories seem to like to pretend that it's Labour that invented the Nanny State, this may put a few misconceptions right. These were the days when Mike Freer was calling the local Bloggers W@nkers and Brian Coleman was saying the way forward was "Roads, Roads, Roads". What these lofty ideals morphed into was a massive outsourcing contract to Capita. Sadly climate change and obesity initiatives got quietly shelved.

It gives you some idea how much attitudes have changes since 2008, when a supposedly Thatcherite Council under hard right axeman Mike Freer decreed that beling selfishness was evil and the council should be dealing with obesity and climate change. If you have any friends who used to be Conservative Councillors, please send them a link to all this and ask them how it all when combatting these evils?

For the record, it wasn't until the Tories were booted out and Labour got in that a climate emergency was declared. As to the obesity crisis......


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