Sunday 24 July 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 24th July 2022

 Hottest day ever rounded off with a biblical downpour, a massive music festival and the end of the school year. It's been a strange week. 

Highlights of my week was watching Hadley V Wingate & Finchley, the two best teams in the Borough of Barnet in a pre season friendly. Here is the pick of the goals.

How was your week? Here is my roundup of what the local Twitteratti have been up to

1. I'm going to start in Burnt Oak, with this amazing and evocative picture. For us old timers, the 140 and 52 bus were travel icons. I used to get the 52 to school at Orange Hill when it was raining. My mum took us to Heathrow on the 140 many times to watch the aeroplanes. Does anyone do that anymore. And in the background the original Tonibell Cafe, where the ice cream legend started

2.If you are interested in Cricklewood and its history, this is a great thread

3. The Road that time forgot in Mill Hill

4. Worth a look

5. It's that time of year when Donald starts waving his marrow around

6. This is a lovely tweet

7. Whilst in Golders Green Cemetery

8. We had some amazing local heroes up at Barnet fields this weekend

9. Still time to get a ticket for todays show!

10.And a local artwork has been completed. We think it looks spiffing!

That's all folks!

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