Saturday 23 July 2022

The Saturday list #354 - My favourite buildings in Mill Hill

 The Statue of St Joseph has returned to his perch on the former missionary college. It is without doubt my favourite building/landmark in Mill Hill. I have friends of all faiths and none and everyone I know loves the statue. It sort of says "You are home" when you go around the corner on the A41 and it looms into view. It got me thinking "What are my favourite buildings in Mill Hill"

Here's my list

1 St Josephs College. I rather like these pictures

my favourite picture that I took is this one of the Tower reflected in the pond in th grounds. This was taken around 1973 on an instamatic and is a bit faded but I still love it

2. Mill Hill's ULU Observatory. Lot's of great pics on Twitter. This may be my favourite

3. Another favourite is Clarence House on Mill Hill Circus Roundabout

4. I believe Lawrence Farmhouse is the oldest building in Mill Hill. I love it. I had some hippy friends who lived there before it became an office. The UFO mystery was never solved!

5. ST Michael and All Angels Church is a great classic Anglican Church, I love it most at Xmas!

6. This is my favourite building on the Broadway, at the corner of Station Road and The Broadway

7. The Fire Station is also a very handsome building, don't you think

8. As for modern industrial buildings, I love our new studio block. We tried to make it look as interesting as possible, whilst being functional

9. No list could be complete without the chapel by Angel Pond. It really looks lovely when the pond is full

10. And finally, I love Mill Hills bus station, it is a brutalist concrete structure to hold the motorway up, but it is also a great place to wait for a bus in the rain. When I was involved in the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum, people were always moaning that it was ugly and trying to work out how to hide it. I disagreed and thought it was magnificent. I think they should show films in the M&S car park on Saturday nights in the summer when the shop shuts!

Mill Hill to UCH #Lockdown series 7/5/2020

What are your favourite buildings?

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