Sunday 31 July 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 31st July 2022

 How has your weekend been. Mine has been wonderful, we were in Crete for my nephews wedding. It is a lovely place if you want to chill. Here are some highlights of where we visited.

Thats enough of me, what have our Tweeters been up to. I've not looked at Twitter too much si this was a catch up for me as well

1. It only seems right to start with this wonderful Tweet about one of Mill Hill's miost revered residents

2. And a shout out for our present generation of local heroes!

3. If I'd been around, I'd have deffo been up for this. A great performance by the oldest Football team in the Borough of Barnet

4. Long overdue my first trip of the year to Long Lane Pastures

5. What better way to mark the passing of the legend that was Bernard Cribbins with a little bit of a local link. RIP Bernard and thanks for all the fun

6.I love the way Cricklewood residents are so proud of their Town Centre

7. Talking of Cricklewood, ever wonder what happened to the loco's that tried to do a runner from Cricklewood Train Depot and landed on the North Circular, they got chopped up for being naughty! Not quite a Thomas the Tank Engine ending!

BTW Here is a video that anyone interested in the train basj might enjoy!

8. Some nice IT history here from the Mill Hill Historical Society. I should mention that the office on Camrose Avenue was previously the head office of BACS who do bank transfers. I used to work their for a while in 1989, back in the days when I had to have a proper job to pay the bills. There was a time when more money passed through BACS than any other company in the world on a daily basis

9. We agree!

10. We started with a hero, why not be one yourself? Support your local foodbank!

And if you are interested in how Foodbanks work, here's a film we made explaining how the Colindale foodbank works

That's all folks

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