Friday 14 October 2022

A right Royal Friday Joke from the artist formerly known as Prince (Charles)

 I just started to write the regular Friday Joke blog and the news broke that Prime Minister* (for now) Liz Truss has sacked her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. He now has the record as the shortest ever serving chancellor.  After 70 years of a Monarch who was probably the greatest poker player ever (she never gave a tell, no matter what the situation), we now have a King who likes to crack a joke (and stick the knife in). 

When he met the Prime Minister yesterday, his response to her greeting was "Back again, dear oh Dear".

You really couldn't make it up. Back in the days before #Brexit, when the UK used to be a serious country, I was a republican and believed that in a modern democracy, the Royal Family was an outdated anachronism. I took the view that out of respect to the Queen, we should wait until her passing before talking about a better way of doing things.  I'm sorry to say, I've completely changed my mind. An electorate that votes for the act of national self harm that is #Brexit and then elected Boris Johnson and a party that set up the total calamity that was the enthronement of Liz Truss simply can't be trusted to choose the head of state. Far better to have a King, who at least we can pretend wasn't our fault. 

The sad truth is that the UK has ceased to function as a serious country since Brexit and Boris stripped the Tories of all of their wise old grey heads. I'm not a Tory, but I always took solace in the fact that even though they were mean spirited and didn't care about the most vulnerable in our society, they were a safe pair of hands for the economy. I may not have agreed with their policies, but I never thought they'd destroy or fiscal credibility.  How wrong I was. 

Kwarteng broke the primary rule that Tory and Labour chancellors have worked under since the last Tory induced meltdown under Anthony Barber. That rule is that you don't pay for tax cuts out of public borrowing. Break that rule and the marlkets will destroy you. I've no idea what persuaded Liz Truss and Kwarteng to ignore this rule. Either they simply refused to listen or they have surrounded themselves with idiots. The best thing Liz Truss could possibly do is to step aside and let Rishi Sunak take over, fall on her sword and say "For the good of the Kingdom, I admit that I was the wrong person for the job". 

God Save The King

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