Friday 21 July 2023

The Friday Joke and a new music documentary based in the Borough of Barnet!

 It's Friday again. It only seems like last week that it was Friday! Anyway, in the time honoured tradition of the Barnet Blogs, we always start the weekend with a joke. This is actually a true story, at the time I didn't see the funny side, but I do now. When we were campaigning for the local elections in 2022, my fellow Lib Dem Candidate Richard Logue contracted Covid and was unable to do any canvassing or face to face campaigning. Richard contacted me and said that a lady who lived in Page St had contacted him and wanted to speak to him about a problem with Barnet Council. Richard asked if I could nip in and see her. I went around and she explained the problem and the fact that nothing had been done. She said she'd spoken to the Conservative councillors three times and they'd done nothing. She was at her wits end and very cross.

I took all of the details, contacted the council, explaining that it was causing a lot of problems for an elderly lady. To my astonishment, two days later, it was sorted out. A nice council official emailed me to tell me and to pass on the council's apologies to the lady in question. I went around to her house, knocked on her door and we inspected the perfectly completed work. She was very pleased and so I said "It's been a pleasure to help, I trust that we can rely on your vote at the election". Her smile disappeared and a frown appeared. She screamed "Vote Lib Dem, I wouldn't be seen dead voting Lib Dem, I am a UKIP supporter, now get lost". I was absolutely stunned. I have seen the said lady several times since, most recently at the Mill Hill Music Festival and she always growls at me. As they say, no good turn goes unpunished. In hindsight, it has given me a rather amusing anecdote.

And as mentioned, we are proud to launch a new series of documentary films. These are a fly on the wall look at the workings of working band. In the first episode, The False Dots invite you in to watch the process of recording a new single. Being in the band is an absolute scream. The best moments are often behind the scenes. If you enjoy music and wonder how it all comes together, this will give you some sort of insight. Enjoy. 

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