Friday, 27 February 2009

Affordable Council Housing

I just performed a Google search on the following text (cut and paste this into one and try it yourself)

"Labour mp" "affordable council housing"

I wanted to do a blog on what MP's had to say about this subject. I was hoping to find a selection of articles to quote. The results shocked me. There were only 37 hits returned and not one from a major national Newspaper.

We''ve had a "Labour" Government for 12 years with huge majorities. The Labour party are meant to look after working people. My parents moved into a council house in 1948 as this was what working couples used to do. They bought their own home in 1960, as their business had taken off. The philosophy then was that couples need some help starting out, once they have secure finances they move on.

The philosophy of today is one of stress, debt, dodgy private landlords, insecurity and worry.

As I pondered this, I remembered that it's not Labour, it's NEW Labour - I always wondered what the NEW in New Labour stood for. I think I've figured it out.

Nepotistic - Have you noticed the number of "poweful families" involved with New Labour?
Egotistical - Macho policies devised to show tough Leadership (tough on the poor that is)
Wealthy - How many senior New Labour figures are from poor backgrounds?

Is it any wonder they never mention affordable council housing? Just as a comparison, I did the following search to see what our "New" Labour MP's really care about.

"Labour mp" allowances

That returned 29,200 hits and there lies the problem with Great Britain today.

If you want my advice on achieving financial security in Great Britain today? Choose your parents well.

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