Saturday, 21 February 2009

Tuesday is Brian Coleman day !

In honour of London's finest Taxi Patron, head Honcho at the Fire Service, reopener of Partingdale Lane, Freer dinner muncher extraordinaire and outspoken critic of Britains most successful ever Olympic team, I suggest that we have a National day to celebrate the life and achievements of Brian Coleman.

What better day could there possibly be than Shrove Tuesday? On this day we all make lovely tasty Pancakes. Can I suggest that as a mark of respect as you Toss your pancake, you say "Brian Coleman" in his honour. Nothing would make me smile more than the thought of a whole nation tossing as they said Brian Coleman. A fitting tribute to a remarkable man.

Maybe Boris should put a pancake on top of the fourth plinth in Trafalgar square in honour of his buddy.

>"Brian, I hear you've been practicing your pancake making skill"