Thursday, 12 February 2009

Councillor Richard Weider - Barnet's Most Useless Councillor?

Barnet Council's very own Mr Useless

There is some hot competition for this title, but from what I've seen of our estimeed friend in action, Councillor Richard Weider must surely take the title. How do you measure the uselessness of a Councillor? Well it's hard, but I'd say a good place to start is by seeing if they've actually done what they said they'd do.

Now our current hapless numpty, Richard Weider recently came to my attention at the Hendon Residents forum. His rather clumsy attempts to bully local resident Vicki Morris were comprehensively slapped down by the Chairman, his esteemed colleague Councillor Brian Gordon. I though to myself, maybe I'll take a little look at what Mr Weider has been up to recently - I shouldn't have bothered.

Firstly I looked at the council questions. Well Mr Weider has asked one in the last few months - How many Freedom of Information requests have been asked by MP's. Well done Mr Numpty - now it's recorded for posterity that Hendon MP (Weider's own Labour MP) is the hardest working in this department. He's asked the most. Now when Weider goes canvassing and his constituents ask "Is Andrew Dismore hard working?" He can either say "Yes" or tell a porkie. Well Done Richard, great own goal.

Now the reason I was checking his questions is because Councillor Weider runs a blog. In November he asked for some questions to ask

Guess what? He got one :-

Blogger Rog T said...

Hi Richard,

Great idea having this forum. Well done.

I have a question for you. Can you get an update on the situation regarding Darlands Lake and the plans going forward.

Now as you can see I asked a non contentious, non party political question, but unfortunately Councillor Weider was too busy scoring own goals to bother. We are none the wiser as to the council's plans for this important nature reserve as old lazybones didn't actually bother. Now I could understand if he'd got a hundred replies, but he only had one !!!!

On his blog for this year, as the credit crunch eats into our livelyhood, Councillor Weider has managed a mere 2 entries. What are they about? What does Councillor Weider think will most get the pulses of his voters racing?

Sunday, February 08, 2009
Israeli Elections

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Live Blog of Israeli Election Results

Not quite what we had in mind when we read the title of his blog :-

I hope this is a way in which people will be able to hear what is going on in Edgware while also being able to communicate with me.

Now I don't know much about the Israeli elections so I thought I'd see what Councillor Weider's analysis would tell me :-

21:50 - Thats it for tonight more comment tomorrow

21:45 - Shas are recommending Likud as the main governing party and Netanyahu and Lieberman are speaking on the phone.

21:40 - Is this the end of Barak and Labour. Yes to the first, increasinly likely to the latter. What are we to make of the continual decline of the founding party of Israel.

21:10 - Sky news are suggesting that Kadima, Likud and Labour could form a grand-coaltion. While, others are trying to suggest and workout how Kadima or Likud form their own coalitions, I think the grand-coalition is quite likely.

Well, that's OK then. The last message left at 21.50 on Tuesday - still no new update - Councillor Useless strikes again !!!! I think next time I'll tune into Sky News.

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