Sunday, 27 September 2009

What Brian Coleman told the Standards investigator in his interview

During the course of the Standards Complaint interview between Councillor Brian Coleman and Melanie Carter, the independent investigator, Brian Coleman said many things which require a bit closer scrutiny. Some because they are, shall we say "slightly at odds with things of public record", some because they are funny, and some because a few people might be rather surprised that Brian Coleman said them. These are taken from my scanned copy of his statement. This document was published on the Council's website among the background papers.

There are other things which I could have also included, but to quote Mayor Coleman, "life's too short".

In this extract, Brian Coleman states that I turn up at virtually every residents forum an I attack people. There are approx 18 of these a year in Barnet. I've been to 3 in my life. At the last one I went to, I asked a question about the state of the football pitches at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre, where my son plays football. This is a matter of public record.

I've never stood for Council (although having seen how rotten the Standards process is, I'm seriously thinking about it). This again is a matter of public record. I cannot believe that Brian Coleman would make such a claim without checking his facts. 

In this answer he specifically accuses me of making an anti semitic statement and being a homophobe. With regards to the Anti semitic statement, the phrase he refers to is one that a Barnet Council video featured on it's You Tube website. I stridently criticised the council for allowing this to be featured. You can read the blog here which details the incident.
Coleman and his legal team must have known this. My blog is all on public record. There is no homophobia and no anti semitism. If there was, Coleman's £10,000 lawyer would have been over it like a rash. One other point regarding the Watling festival. I was actually organising a 5-a-side tournament for 8-10 year olds when Coleman turned up. Anyone who has ever organised an event for 50 children will know you are too busy to behave in the way Coleman alleges. Ho hum.

Now this is the Barnet Eye, we like to look at the funnier side of things as well. We've well documented Brian Coleman's speech impediment "Call me Bwian" - Anyway, here's a video of Mayor Coleman. Does he preonounce "R"s as "W"'s as I said (comparing him to Monty Pythons Pontius Pilate in the Life of Brian) or not.  As ever, you be the judge.

Another highlight. This is something which I totally believe Brian Coleman when he says it. He tells us what his Tory Colleagues think of the Barnet Eye and what they are really like. Sound like a lovely bunch, don't they. I wonder if Freer, Hillan, Offord, Tambourides, Hart, etc recognise themselves from Brian Colemans description

Last but by no means least. A little quote that quite a few people may enjoy.

I'm having a couple of days off blogging. I'll be back nice and sharp at 11am on Wednesday, so until then, adios amigo's.I've got a song to write for a great singer and I need to cleans my soul of Brian Coleman. To all my Jewish friends and readers I wish you a fullfilling fast and to everyone else enjoy what's left of the weekend and I hope like me you've enjoyed the weather.I'm off to have a glass of wine and pick up my guitar.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Thanks for stopping by and also good find on that pic of the jowl lord.

David Boothroyd said...

Brian Coleman's really just an amateur at this 'insulting your blogging constituents' game. Look at this from a true professional.