Monday, 29 April 2013

One Barnet Court Judgement - My personal view

What could I possibly say about the judgement in the One Barnet Court case? The judge stated that the council had breached its statuatory duty to consult, but the challenge was out of time, therefore was struck out.

The Leader of the Council, Richard Cornelius described it as a complete victory. Sadly, any decent person would see it as the complete opposite. A shabby, hollow victory that displays everything that is wrong with Barnet and indeed the UK legal system. It is a green light to councils to behave in an underhand manner and does nothing for the transparency and openness agenda. Bad councils and bad councillors up and down the country will take note of the decision and rejoice that they can string along the local populace, in the knowledge that the judiciary will always go with the letter rather than the spirit of the law.

The judge completely vindicated Maria Nash in his judgement. He categorically stated that the council had failed to consult.

Barnet have yet again been shown to be incompetent. Their incompetence has resulted in a court case which the judge agrees they should have lost. What sort of justice can a system deliver when the odds are so stacked against the ordinary, common citizen, fighting a well funded bureaucracy?

I find the whole thing sickening.

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Morris Hickey said...

If Cornelius thinks that's a victory then he needs his bumps felt and a residence permit for Cloud Cuckoo Land.