Thursday, 11 April 2013

Whats best in Barnet - Focus on Hale Ward - Lyndhurst Park

Continuing our theme of whats Best in Barnet, a rather surprising and rather good contribution from Councillor Tom Davey about his home ward - Hale. Tom say:
"For me, the best thing in Hale (that many people may not be aware of) is Lyndhurst Park- unfortuntely the park sign on Bunns Lane is spray painted at the moment, but it a great open space, with a path between the meads and Bunns Lane. A few years ago it wasn't used, now some people know about it, but the more the better!
The other great thing is the bramble bushes between the path and the London Wildlife Trust Area/old railway track. Over the last couple of years myself & my fiance have managed to get on average 3kg of Blackberries in each picking, which makes a lot of Jam :-)
Not an action packed day out and can't quite compete with other places for entertainment value, but certainly worth a visit if anyone wants a bit of open space."
I am fond of Lyndhurst Park and the disused railway. I used to traverse the park on my daily walk to Orange Hill Senior High School back in the day. I'd often sit on the disused station platform and chill after a days study. I find disused railway lines rather intriguing and beguiling. Thanks to Tom for his selection (I wondered where all the blackberrys had gone !)

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