Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Guest Blog - Fighting the misinformation machine at Barnet Council - By John Sullivan

By John Sullivan,

When are the people of Barnet going to come out fighting. When are we going to challenge the Richard Cornelius misinformation machine,  in apparent cahoots with sections of the local press? Cornelius claimed the Maria Nash Judicial Review was a complete victory for him and his policies, after the verdict where the judge stated that the Council had won on a technicality and had the case been brought in time the Council would have lost.

Forget the BS and the niceties , for Cornelius to claim Victory is a complete dissemination of the truth. Cornelius and co were found wanting yet again, it was proven that the claims of Maria Nash that Barnet council had not consulted were upheld by Judge Underhill. He made it crystal clear that had he not been constrained by the letter of the law with regards to the technicality of the timing issue, he would have found in favour of Maria Nash.

Cornelius and co were found to be wanting in the truth department in the high court when they claimed they had consulted. You would have thought it might encourage Cornelius to choose his words carefully but none of it. He chooses to claim victory when he and his cronies were slammed for their refusal to consult and for their determination not to consult, which is exactly the claim of Maria Nash and justifies her decision to seek judicial review and but for a timing technicality Cornelius would have lost .

But you know faint heart never did  the other thing and the fact is Maria Nash has the chance to appeal the ruling. It is a nonsense that Cornelius and co have been indirectly found guilty of breaking the law by not consulting when the law says they have to consult, allowing the One Barnet programme to  forge ahead with  the knowledge that the council forcing it through has done so  by apparently illegal means.

Surely even a pathetic unbalanced one sided justice system such as British justice that is a complete joke as we know, has some hidden challenge to Cornelius and co by way of appeal, surely the people of Barnet cannot be forced into this ONE Barnet One Billion Pound Gamble in the knowledge it has been achieved by questionable or illegal means without having some recourse to law.

I am hoping Maria Nash is granted the right to appeal to put a stop to the misinformation that Cornelius pumps out on a weekly basis. For this sad man to claim victory, when so many job losses that will result as a consequence of One Barnet, that will decimate several hundred Barnet families and many businesses is a victory, says all you need to know about Cornelius and his crew.

Let us get behind the Maria Nash appeal and expose the COMPLETE  VICTORY claims of Cornelius for what they are,  complete utter fabrication and untruth.

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