Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Five things in Barnet that are "so last year"

We didn't do a Saturday list this week. So here belatedly is our late late Saturday List. We didn't do a Friday joke either, but that was because we were preparing for our April fool specials. We have to ration our humour here in Barnet you know. We don't want anyone getting too excited. 

1. Nick Walkley

2. Brian Colemans political career

3. Library Closures

4. Mad Vicars

5. Faith in outsourcing

Nuff said really !

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Morris Hickey said...

Coleman's political career? It has surely been one of self-destruct!

Beyond Barnet Coleman was known as but one of 25 grossly over-paid parasites at City Hall who are supported by an administrative corps with ditatorial and totalitarian attitudes whose activities would be the envy of the KGB, Stasi, BOSS and Gestapo.