Friday, 12 April 2013

The Friday Joke 12/4/2013

Three men go into a bar on a Friday evening. A  Dubliner, a Real Madrid fan and a Spurs fan.  The Dubliner says "I'll have a Guinness as it's the end of the week and I always have a Guinness to honour my uncle Pat at who was a championship hurler". The Madrid fan says "I'll have a  Tio Pepe in memory of my Uncle Pepe, who passed away on a Friday, he played centre forward for Madrid in 1953". The Tottenham Hotspur fan "And as it's a Friday, I'll have a Sol".

The Real Madrid fan says "So you are honouring Sol Campbell, the former Spurs captain, who moved to Spurs great rivals Arsenal at the end of his contrac after saying he was Spurs through and through?". The Spurs fan replied "Not exactly, it will give me great pleasure to enjoy watching it end it's career disappearing down the toilet in about an hours time".

Have a nice weekend.

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