Friday, 14 June 2013

Guest Blog - Your Choice Legal Action - By John Sullivan

By John Sullivan,

I have instructed Irwin Mitchell solicitors on behalf of my daughter to challenge Your Choice Barnet’s consultation process and decision (if the decision today was to implement the proposals).

Irwin Mitchell have sent a letter before action to Your Choice Barnet and await a response on Monday 17 June. If the challenge is successful it may result in staff members being able to stay in their current posts without any changes. I am aware that some members of staff have already shown interest in taking voluntary redundancy and would want them to be aware of the possibility that they could keep their current jobs, if this challenge is successful.

John Sullivan is a parent carer and a regular guest blogger at The Barnet Eye. Guest Blogs are always welcome

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tw said...

Well done to all those who stand up to LBB (= London Barnet Bully council) even if they act like Your "Choice"??? Barnet, and don't take it lying down! Well done all the hero parent-carers fighters!