Monday, 17 June 2013

The Mill Hill Music festival diary - Day 3

If you've already read the festival diary this week in previous blogs, skip this first paragraph, it's just the explanation. For those of you who don't know, I am on the organising committee of the Mill Hill Music Festival, which is taking place this week. For the duration of the festival, this blog becomes my festival diary. The festival is run by a group of volunteer helpers on a not for profit basis. The purpose is to promote live music in Mill Hill. 

So those of you who've checked our festival program may be a bit surprised to find we're doing stuff today, especially as there are no gigs in the programme

Actually today has been pretty hectic ! Try running a business and organising a festival! Today has been spent on the phone. We've had to coordinate the collection of drapes, the collection of lighting rigs, the guest lists for bands, the exact timings of soundchecks etc. We've also had to arrange last minute rehearsals for some of the artists. As I speak writing this in the reception of Mill Hill Music Complex (it's 8:30 pm, I got up at 7am), Stewart Curtis's K-Groove are rehearsing for their gig on Thursday night. 

We've also had last minute ticket sales, a plethora of enquiries and a whole stack of other logistical queries. On top of that we've had to do a load of last minute maintenance on our large PA which we'll be using between Thursday and Saturday at Allianz Park for Stewart Curtis K-Groove, The Bateman Brothers tribute to Louis Armstrong and The Polecats/Loaded Dice. 

We've also had Boz Boorer of the Polecats in doing a video shoot for another project "Happy Martyr". All in all a busy day. I had a nice bowl of fruit at 7:30, a humus salad at 1pm and now I'm starving. On top of that, my good lady, who is Festival treasurer, is having a night off the Festival by doing a gig with her band, The BBC Elstree Concert Band at the Ark Theatre in Borehamwood - Sadly I'm to busy to support her tonight. 

And I'm the one who had the easy day. Dan & Gerry have spent the day running around actually doing the collections and the hard work !

So there you go ! Who'd be a musician !

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