Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Million Blog Hits - All the endorsement we need

Today the Barnet Eye will pass the official Blogger record of a million hits. Considering the fact that the main topic of discussion on this site is local politics in Barnet, this is an extraordinary total. In actual fact the total is even higher as the blogger stats started after the conception of the blog, but hey, so what.

I believe that this amazing milestone is a stunning endorsement of my belief that the local papers are not covering local politics in Barnet properly. I must give thanks to my team of guest bloggers, such as John Sullivan, Linda Edwards, Julia Hines and Defend Council Housing for their efforts. They add an extra dimension to the coverage. I must also mention the support I have received from the community for blogs on the subject of dyslexia and cancer, which I believe are both areas which are again not covered properly in the press.

I beleive that this blog is responsible for enormous change for the good in the London Borough of Barnet. We believe we have played a major role in making sure the council are properly scrutinised by residents. We believe that we have assisted campaigners such as John and Linda in their fight against injustice. We have given them a voice and the confidence to carry on. We believe that our campaign to allow filming in the town hall has been responsible for improving the quality of decision making at Barnet Council. We believe that we've created an environment where organisations such as BAPS have the confidence to challenge bad decisions. We have helped campaigners such as Helen Michael to beat the council on the removal of parking meters and also in replacing Brian Coleman as GLA rep. We believe in honesty and transparency and will fight of truth and justice in Barnet, especially for those who can't fight for themselves.

It is my intention to organise a party at the Day of the Raj Indian Restaurant to celebrate this milestone. We will have a special menu and a special price and all proceeds will be given to MacMillan Cancer relief. More details will follow.

There are all sorts of awards for bloggers and local citizens. The Barnet Eye seeks none of these. We are not interested. The only endorsement we need is the fact that we've seen a million hits from people who care about the causes we support. 

I have a very important blog to write now, which I will publish this evening, but I just wanted to say a special thank you to everyone in the community who has supported me and supported my blog. Thank you.

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