Sunday 24 May 2015

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet 24/5/2015

Without further ado....

1. Mark Amies is pondering the future of a Burnt Oak landmark

The sad, decaying cinema, Burnt Oak. Please someone, save it!

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2. Sean Bone is worrying about a spaceship that looks set to crash on Edgware

"Russia's Progress spacecraft to hit Earth within 24 hours... trajectory puts Edgware most at risk of falling debris"

Photo published for Russia's Progress cargo spacecraft set to crash to Earth

3. Finchley Lit festival had an exciting climax at Cafe Buzz

Mimi Romilly, singing about her mother's protest songs from WW1  

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4. Aaron Bass is none too impressed with the Thameslink service from Mill Hill. We tend to agree with him!

So why is the 8:21 from mill hill this overcrowded

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5. Colindale was rocking to the Eurovision song contest!

We're loving the show in Colindale!

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6. Mike Coulson is touched by the extraordinary generousity of  Barnet Council towards private property developers

7. Did you know Londons oldest tree lives in Totteridge?

London's trees can tell incredible stories, like the capital's oldest tree, an ancient yew at Totteridge. 2moro!

8.  Donald Lyven is fascinated by the Fungus Gnats of Barnet!

These are Fungus Gnats, from the Mycetophilidae family; but which? Dunno, there are around 3000 described species!

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9. Richard Ferrer is upset that a bunch of Nazis can hold a rally to intimidate the Jewish population of Golders Green and the Police are powerless to stop them. We rather think he has a point

EXCLUSIVE: Police can't prevent far-right groups from demonstrating against 'Jewish privilege' in Golders Green -

10. Serena Deena has brought some glamour to Mill Hill

Some quality time at the studio last week

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