Sunday 3 May 2015

Have the Conservative Party let convicted woman beater Brian Coleman back in? *** Updated 3/5/2015

Of all the local Politicians in our neighbourhood, none is more infamous than disgraced former Conservative Mayor Brian Coleman. Less than two years ago, he was expelled from the Conservative Party after being convicted of a vicious, unprovoked assault of Cafe owner Helen Michael at Tally Ho Corner. Coleman received a large fine for the assault and his disgrace was completed last year when he lost his seat on Barnet Council, receiving a mere 265 votes when standing as an independent councillor in the elections. Despite the fact that Coleman was exposed as a complete liar at the trial, having spent six months telling all manner of porkies to the Police and denying the assault, until the CCTV footage showed the vicious assault. Coleman eventually pleaded guilty to the "assault by beating" of Ms Michael, having wasted months of Police time.

You may think that Coleman would be a bit repentant having gone from being one of the leading Tories in London to a shamed convict. You would be wrong. Only this week, Coleman stated on Twitter that he should have been given the freedom of the Borough for his attack on Ms Michael. Here is the exchange. Steve Ciobo tweeted his disgust at the execution of prisoners in Indonesia. See what you make of Colemans response

There are few greater displays of abuse of State power and regressive thinking than the death penalty.

complete rubbish , well done Gov of Indonesia for standing up to pathetic liberals like you

Brian, just out of interest, what is an appropriate punishment for a man attacking a women in the street

The Freedom of the Borough in my case clearly !

As you can see Mr Coleman thinks his attack was clever. The Barnet Eye believes that there is no place in public life for such a person. We happen to think that assaulting women is something which only a coward would do and only a complete idiot would boast about. Sadly though, Colemans Tory friends such as Mike Freer, the Tory candidate in Finchley and Golders Green take a rather different view. Despite Coleman admitting his guilt, Freer has never spoken out about Coleman. The two are good friends and go back a long way. Coleman engineered the palace coup at Barnet Council which made Freer council leader, propelling him into the position where he was elected MP for Finchley and Golders Green. Whilst Freer has been very vocal about issues such as same sex marriage, where he personally has benefitted from the legislation, he has been far less vocal on the subject of violence against women, something his friend  seems to think is a laughing matter. 

To my complete amazement, yesterday Brian Coleman tweeted that he's been readmitted to the Conservative Party.  Helen Michael, who had been a Tory voter until Brian Colemans parking policies wrecked her business and then assualted her, was paid a visit by the Labour candidate Sarah Sackman, with Labour front bencher Ed Balls. Unlike Mike Freer, Sarah Sackman takes the issue of  violence against women seriously. Ed Balls told Helen he wanted to show that not all high profile male politicians are thugs who beat women up and some actually want to put a complete stop to such horrible behaviour. 

Barnet Blogger Mrs Angry tweeted a picture of Helen receiving flowers from Mr Balls. Coleman, as is his want, immediately started taunting his victim Ms Michael. What followed was an exchange of tweets between myself, who was disgusted at Colemans continual harrassment of Ms Michael and Coleman, where he suggested the Tories have let him back in

Flowers for from ed balls

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well , well , well ........people will draw their own conclusions

Brian you may be a cock but unlike Helen you have no Balls & dont use your Ed!

cleverest thing the Tories did was kick you out of the party

and indeed readmit me

I was completely amazed by Brian Colemans claim. Could the Torys really want to be associated with Coleman? Are they so desperate for members that they would let such a complete pariah back in? We immediately started making enquiries. We sent messages to friendly sources in the local Tories, who usually are pleased to confirm the truth of stories or set the record straight. None replied. We tweeted to Mike Freer. No reply. We contacted friendly sources in the press to see if they could find out. They contacted the Tory CCHQ, who promised to get straight back to them. As of now, none of these sources have got back. In fact our press sources seemed to suggest a certain world weariness at the request, indicating that they realised the car was going over the cliff. Given that Coleman launched a scathing attack on all his Tory Council chums when he was kicked out, we are completely amazed that they would consider readmitting such a nasty, convicted felon to the party. Of course Coleman may be lying, if he could lie to the police about assaulting Ms Michael, he can clearly lie about anything. Surely though if this was the case Freer and the Tories would have denied it immediately.

If Coleman is telling the truth, we can only speculate as to why Freer would take such a risk. Being associated with Brian Coleman is election poison. One has to assume that Freer understands the risks, so what would make such a risk worth while? Given that Coleman clearly has no base of support following his Totteridge Council debacle, what benefits could Freer possibly get? Well Mike owes Brian big time, for his patronage. When Freer was council leader, he protected Coleman when he was found guilty of breaking the councils code of conduct.  Despite this only being the first of a whole string of breaches, Freer never said a dickybird. When Coleman launched the crazy parking policies that lost him his seat on the GLA, Freer defended him and his policies. Even after Coleman assualted Helen Michael and was arrested, the local Conservative party did not suspend him. It was only when the national party stepped in that his membership was revoked.

The  situation is quite clear. The Conservative Party have to come clean about Brian Coleman. Have they let him rejoin. If this is simply another example of Coleman telling porkies, why has it taken so long for anyone to say?
Does Mike Freer think violence against women is funny?

As the picture in this weeks Jewish News shows, Mike clearly is not too concerned with sensitivity around this issue. One would rather hope that such prehistoric attitudes had been buried in the past. The blog was started by a tweet from local blogger Mrs Angry. I will give her the last word as well. I think it is 100% clear how the local Tories should have reacted to the whole Brian Coleman issue. It is time for them to bring their attitudes into the 21st Century

I wait to see what the Tories have to say about Colemans comments. I trust the good sense of the people of Finchley and Golders Green to consider what sort of party they want to see representing them.

Regardless of all of this, it is clear that a vote for the Conservatives in Finchley and Golders Green is an endorsement of Brian Coleman and his behaviour. Mike Freer has had many opportunities to take a stand and say that violence against women is unacceptable. He also had many opportunities to set the record straight regarding his views on Brian Coleman and his attack on Helen Michael. I googled Mike Freer to see if he'd made any parliamentary interventions about violence against women. The only thing I could turn up was where he contribiuted to a debate on the subject of domestic abuse to remind everyone that it can occur in same sex relationships as well..

Such silence speaks for itself: & if it is true that it is even possible for the Tories to readmit him..

this says everything you need to know about the innate moral vaccum & misogny of the party.
*************** Updated 3/5/2015 *************
The Plot thickens. Yesterday a whole bevvy of local local Conservatives privately and publicly contacted me to say Brian Coleman had not been readmitted. The most categorical of these was from Gabriel Rozenberg who is a Conservative Councillor for Hampstead Garden Suburb. I believe Gabriel to be a honest and trustworthy guy so I pretty much took this tweet at face value and was preparing to update this blog saying as much. Here is what Gabriel had to say

OK, I can confirm that Brian Coleman has not been re-admitted to any local Conservative party. AFAIK he hasn't asked; if he did we'd refuse.

So that seemed to be that. As I was out last night, I got up preparing to update the blog when I noticed this tweet from Brian Coleman in response to Gabriel

you are of course misinformed

As I said above, Mike Freer is a friend of Brian Coleman. He could settle this matter for once and for all by speaking to Brian and clarifying the matter with a public statement. The matter is quite clear. Either @RozGab is "misinformed" or Brian Coleman is telling outright porkies to damage the local Conservative party, who clearly want us to believe they want nothing to do with him. Brian Coleman has put Gabriel in a difficult position. Mike Freer must either back Gabriel and expose this as a Coleman porkie or make sure Gabriel is given "accurate information". 

What is it to be Mike?

********* Updated 14.30 **********

 Brian Coleman just tweeted this. Seems like our local Tories have mislead us. We look forward to seeing what the Tories have to say, having assurred us he wasn't a member. I feel rather mislead

    1. apologies please from with promise never to tweet about me again as for you are just a silly boy 

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Anonymous said...

Saw him at a recent civic reception with the mayor. What chain of office is he currently entitled to wear? I meant to ask him, but he kept moving away from me when I got close.

Anonymous said...

Brian Coleman a former mayor can wear a Badge of former mayor , he may have added a chain but that would hold no significance of office , I do understand that he is or was the president or chairman of the Rotery club . But what I think all should remember is the Local Tories didn't get rid of him ! They Loved Him & have never once apologised over there dealings over the matter , Given the chance he would be back in a heartbeat. & when he was excluded from the Torie party ( was it for good ) if you were to get an honest opinion from his former colleagues concerning Helen Michael, you would get the measure of just how depraved they really are .

Mrs T said...

more lies from the liebour stooge as if the country hasnt got important things to worry about