Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The sad truth about Aleppo

Horrible though it is to admit it, the sad truth about Aleppo is that the West is culpable for the disaster. We gave Syrian rebels hope, when we could offer nothing. We should never have teased them with empty promises.

 The UK has no capability to mount a meaningful military intervention. Cameron scrapped our carrier born Harriers, the army is chronically under resourced and our public has no interest in mounting foreign military adventures. The US has a president who has no interest in putting troops anywhere, but who dangles the prospect of help like an immature teenage girl may flaunt her charms, not realising that others don't see it is simply a game to them. The rebels had no prospect of defeating Assad and had they done more damage, ISIS would have rolled over Assad and we'd be even worse off. All we can do is cry in our beer. If you really give a toss give some money to relief agencies, speak up for refugees and make sure our government at least treats them with dignity in respect. Otherwise STFU!

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