Monday, 29 May 2017

Brian Coleman insults grieving Jewish widow with "Fake News" jibe

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, once branded the Tory party as "The Nasty Party". The local Party in the Borough of Barnet is perhaps the cutting edge of this aspect of the Tories. Of all of the figures associated with the gutter politics side of the local party, none is more well known than former Conservative GLA representative Brian Coleman. As a Tory councillor, he lost several High profile standrds judgements, usually for abusing local residents. As the standards committee failed to do more than slap his wrists, his behaviour deteriorated. This reached its nadir when he assaulted cafe owner Helen Michael in broad daylight on Finchley High Road. Coleman was arrested and after spending six months lying to police, eventually pleaded guilty to "Assault by beating", receiving a large fine. On seeing the CCTV footage of the assualt Coleman claimed "Thats not how I recall it". The Daily Telegraph posted the video and the story on its website.

For a while, Coleman was frozen out by the local Tories, he responded by insulting most of them in what was seen as his personal political obituary on his blog, not least implying that the leaders wife was a bit antisemitic "Not known for her empathy with the Jewish Community she sensibly kept quiet during the debate on the Totteridge Eruv and usually is away or busy when invitations arrive from Synagogues. ", but it seems that he's well and truly back in the club, judging by recent tweets

You may wonder why they'd want to be publicly associated with such a character? The answer is quite simple. Brian is quite happy to stick the knife in and do their dirty work for him. With an election coming up, he's a very useful resource to have on the team. Those of you familiar with his work, will not be surprised to see that he's waded into a huge local row. Regular readers of this blog will know that Brian is no stranger to putting the boot into the bereaved. At the recent Mill Hill Election Hustings at The Mill Hill Synagoue, we documented how a bereaved widow had rightly chastised local Conservative Candidate Matthew Offord for failing to respond to emails from her dying husband about bereavement benefits. This was first revelead on this blog. The Daily Mirror has picked up the story from the Barnet Eye.  Despite a packed synagogue witnessing the exchange, Brian Coleman has dismissed the plight of the poor lady as #Fakenews on a twitter designed to help his friend Matthew Offord in his campaign.

I wonder how the friends and family of this poor widow will react to Colemans latest attempt to sully the waters of Barnet politics with sewage and bile.

One can only speculate as to whether having the support of Brian Coleman will help Offord achieve Coleman's predicted landslide in Hendon?

The sad thing about Brian is that despite all of his trials and tribulations, he has still not really learned when a bit of discreet silence is the best thing. Does he think that insulting widows really is the way to help his friends.

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