Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 14/05/2017

It's come around rather quickly, hasn't it. Most weeks I enjoy putting this together, it is a bit of fun. This week I haven't quite so much, although there are a few rather decent tweets to report. But, to start with, something that has darkened my mood. (Oh and as ever, please follow any tweeters you like)

1. I cannot tell you how much this has upset people in Mill Hill. I hope someone out there can throw some light on it. It ain't the crime of the century, it is just a nomark who is clearly a fool, but vandalism is something I prsonally think should not be tolerated or ignored.

2. Here is what must be the picture of the week. The only downside is you missed the open day!

3. These officers llooking very snazzy for their passing out parade

4. Possibly the best named restaurant in Golders Green? I'm still trying to think of a suitably bad joke to accompany this tweet!

5.Councillor Hart and Councillor Marshall enjoying the scenery at Mill Hill Golf club (sorry couldn't resist it)

6. We are always happy to try and help find lost moggies and pooches.

7.Steve Lewis wants you to take a Gander at this!

8.North Finchley is having a Pretty Cool Festival!

9.Thanks to Mark Aimies AKA @Superfast72 for pointing us at our historical tweet of the week

10.Good to see some local musicians getting some great gigs!

That's all folks

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