Friday 27 April 2018

Barnet Council Election Countdown - Six Days to Go

Today we start our countdown to the Council Election - We will be bringing you some of the 'achievements' of the Barnet Conservatives from the last four years.  There are the ones that are not on the expensive full page adverts that they are buying on the local paper.

Here is a Conservative election leaflet, which I handily photocopied a few years ago.

As you can see, one of the boasts was about extending the Freedom Pass. Sadly since the bright, sunny days when Boris was Mayor and Brian Coleman was his envoy to the London Borough of Barnet, the Barnet Conservatives have not managed to run the scheme very well.

Back on the 4th April 2016, I got a rather worrying email from a young man who I knew well as he'd done work experience at my studios. He rather worryingly told me that his Freedom Pass seemed to have been cancelled by Barnet Council without warning, leaving him in a very difficult situation at Finchley Central Tube Station. As he has the pass due to special needs, I was worried. I posted a blog. It transpired that hundreds of disabled people had suffered the same problems. Due to the Barnet Eye exposing this and the stirling work of my fellow bloggers, we established that Barnet Council had not behaved in accordance with the law and the passes were returned.

What sort of an administration picks on disabled young people to bear the burden of savings, especially when the policy is not legal?

The young man who initiated the investigation has come forward and asked me too make a video, so he could explain what happened. He feels strongly that people in Barnet should know. Given his situation, I ensured that his parents were happy for him to speak publicly. They insisted that he should be heard. Please watch this video. He has summoned considerable courage to make it.

I rather hope this helps you make your choice on 3rd May.

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