Tuesday 8 May 2018

A celebration of four more years of Conservative rule in Barnet!

I promised no more navel contemplating, so today we look forward and we look at how our local Conservatives celebrated their amazing and rather unexpected win in the London Borough of Barnet.

Firstly, there is some really great news that I am surprised the hard right, newly cleansed, Brexit loving Conservative group have been keeping quiet. I am not sure why, given that it is such good news and it has been in the public domain for a couple of years now. Whilst many believed that there would be a funding crisis at Barnet Council, this has been averted. As Jeremy Corbyn has been banished in Barnet, Remoaner Amber Rudd has been sidelined in Cabinet and those Pesky Lib Dems banished from the Town Hall, the government will now be able to get its hands on the £350 million a week Brexit dividend to plug the holes in the budget. It must be true, Boris said so!

Now onto the celebrations. Some of our newly re-elected Tory Councillors are behaving rather strangely. There has been a plethora of rather odd tweets since the election. Here is my pick of the bunch

1. The winner is this rather amusing tweet from Peter Zinkin, those of you who live in Childs Hill and have seen Mr Zinkin in action may find this rather funny, given his reputation regarding casework. What makes this especially delicious is that he clearly misunderstood that his eminently more sensible colleague Gabriel Rozenberg was admonishing a Labour Councillor for writing a similar puerile tweet.

Image result for David Longstaff elf
David Longstaff
2. Next up we have David Longstaff, a councillor who previously earned a living pretending to be a gnome.

His rather amusing tweet demonstrates his reputation for attention to detail. No wonder his adminstration has done such a sterling job with its monitoring of contractors

He clearly does not know how to click on a tweet to see someones profile and establish their identity before posting silly tweets. One hopes he takes more time to learn his lines when he returns to Pantoland!

3. Perhaps the most surreal tweet award goes to Rohit Grover. I quite like Rohit and he's a sensible bloke. I hope he invites some of his more 'exciteable' colleagues around to discover some inner peace.

4. I'm not entirely sure that "now I've won the election, I can b@gger off on holiday" is the best message to spend to your voters.

5. And we finish our little tour of "interesting Tory posts" from councillors, with one from one of my favourite Tory activists, who isn't a Councillor. It is from Nicole Richer. Nicole stood as a candidate in Burnt Oak and put in a sterling performance, almost doubling the Tory vote but not winning! (Know the feeling Nicole - well not the Tory bit, but you get my drift!). Nicole posted this heartwarming selection of pictures of local colleagues. I predict a bright future for Nicole in the Tory Party locally.

The one of Elliot, Laithe and Lachma in Hale is a lovely picture. All three look absolutely made up that all their hard work has paid off. They are all decent chaps.  I am however rather puzzled by the expression on the face of Val Duschinsky though. She looks as if she's been caught with her hand in the biscuit tin. One can only speculate who the brown envelopes are for this time, as she is widely credited as the power behind the throne and the person responsible for deselecting Councillors Sury Khatri and Joan Scannell (at least that's what Sury tells me). My advice to all of the other Tory councillors out there. If you see Val coming with a brown envelope, be afraid. Be very afraid. Stay on her good side. You won't like her when she's angry!

As to the way forward for Labour. I will leave it to my old friend Brian Coleman to give us his verdict. I am not in complete disgreement either. At least it would be a bit more fun in the Town Hall. Personally I'd pick Ross Houston, but Kath would be a close second.

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