Monday 18 June 2018

When will our local MP speak out about the Thameslink fiasco?

The Boss of the Thameslink Rail networks is standing down following the companies failure to run the new timetable. CEO Charles Horton said: "I recognise that passengers have been hugely frustrated at the significant disruption caused by the introduction of new timetables. It is the right time to hand leadership of GTR to a new pair of hands."

Here are just a few of the Tweets from passengers this week showing just how chaotic the service is. That is bad enough, but the Thameslink App doesn't event appear to be giving the right informations.

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How can your app be so misleading @TLRailUK ? I’m on this train and we are only just leaving Mill Hill Broadway, 11 minutes late. If the app isn’t going to work or be even mildly accurate then maybe add yet ANOTHER apology to the dashboard??

It is a shame that Thameslink haven't issued an apology or even a press release on their website for the benefit of customers about Mr Hortons departure. The Leader of the RMT Rail Union, General Secretary Mick Cash called for GTR to be renationalised.

He said: “Mr Horton may now have gone but the rotten franchise he was steering remains in place and no change at the top will alter that. This whole basket case operation is a failure on every level.  The Horton resignation opens the door for this sorry chapter to be bro‎ught to a close and that means sweeping GTR away and returning the services to public ownership with safety, access and quality the guiding priorities."

We find it hard to disagree. Sadly our local MP, Mr Matthew Offord, who likes to boast on his website about how he wants to get a better deal for Thameslink users (note that it is dated 2012, Matthew doesn't like to work too hard) hasn't actually bothered to post anything about the fiasco. What he has done is ask residents to fill out a survey on his website. So if you are suffering from Thameslinkitus, we suggest that you tell Matthew. 

One of my priorities is a better deal for public transport users. Living locally and using public transport, I am aware of concerns about Thameslink, the Northern line, station access and facilities, cycle routes and bus services.
Many residents are frustrated by delays, overcrowding or cancelled services. This can badly affect working lives, recreational activities, holidays and visits to family and friends.
To help me make the best representations possible to public transport providers - Govia Thameslink, Network Rail, Transport for London (TfL) - I would like to hear about local residents' views and experiences. Please therefore support my campaign by completing my Transport Survey below.
We rather hope that this stirs him into doing something.

With regards to Mr Offord, we are pleased to learn that he has been made chair of the Parliamentary group to prevent people from drowning.

As his constituency has one of the most dangerous stretches of inland waterway in England, I think it is a testament to his hard work that no one has drowned here for a while!

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