Wednesday 6 June 2018

Guest blog from Calvin Casino about withdrawal of funding Sound Skool

Hello the Barnet Eye readers.

My name is Amo aka Calvin Casino.

You may remember me when I wrote my first guest blog on this blog back in December 2016 when I won the award from Roger. The Barnet Eye Pearson of the Year 2016 for exposing the 2016 freedom pass fiasco. Recently I was interviewed by Roger about my story. Go ahead by clicking the links. Today I am talking about different topic.

I am going to talk about Soundskool & why Soundskool must be saved. I will explain in details.

What is Soundskool?

Soundskool is a not for profit organisation. It is a music industry college & community.
Founded by Simon Gordon who is the CEO & founder of Soundskool. Founded in 2008.

It was originally established in Barnet. Soundskool used to be based in Mill Hill at the Mill Hill Music Complex until 2013 as Simon found & secured a place in High Barnet. Bodens Performing Arts Studio. Then they relocated to Crouch End, Haringey in 2015 until 2016. Currently they are based in Enfield.

As an ex-student of Soundskool who has done two work experiences, completed the 10 week music course & hosted the 2012 Soundskool showcase along with MC Mighty Moe. I have known Simon Gordon (CEO & founder of Soundskool) for quite long time.

Lately I have seen the video & I was saddened to hear the shocking news that Soundskool won't be contracting with the college of North East London & Haringey for academic year 2018 - 2019 as the funding for the courses have been cut.

Soundskool has played their part in the society to deliver music industry provision to aspiring young people who do dream to become the star of tomorrow. Singers, songwriters, musicians, bands, poets, producers, DJs & rappers.

Without Soundskool, there wouldn't be a dream for young musicians to study & learn in order to enter employment.

This reminds me when I was attending Rithmik which is based at Canada Villa Youth & Community Centre on Mondays & in 2011, there were going to be cuts to Rithmik. Luckily, it did not happen as everybody (young people including musicians & non musicians alike) did signed the petition. If the cuts did happened, there wouldn't be Rithmik for young people to record & write music. I know this because I do music (that is how Calvin Casino is my nickname & stage name even I am not doing music now).

For Soundskool, it is devastating news for students and staffs alike.

Cuts to youth clubs & further education in the learning sector including creative arts based subjects like music are the results of 8 years of the government austerity cuts. I never thought that would happen to Soundskool until Wednesday 23rd May 2018, I learned that there was a lack of funding & it is a shock for Soundskool & Simon. It will have an devastating impact on young people. No opportunities, no activities, nothing. With the cuts, it will also mean that students would have nowhere to go, not finalising their courses & new students will not have a chance to study at Soundskool. Meaning they will be left behind & that is why the government has let down young people big time with 8 years of austerity measures.

Soundskool needs help. It needs your help. Please help Simon & the Soundskool team. Please save Soundskool by clicking the petition. #SaveSoundskool Signing this petition can really make a difference.

What Soundskool needs is a new venue, equipment & funding. That I am supporting the #SaveSoundskool campaign.

Also I have written an email message to Richard Cornelius few days ago about the possibility of securing a funding for Soundskool & operating from the Mill Hill Music Complex by having Soundskool to return to Barnet, Haringey (or move to permanent home like Camden as I recalled having an conversation with Simon last year about the future of Soundskool & finding a permanent location) or possibly remain in Enfield. Who knows, I am confidently sure that Simon & the Soundskool team will get through this.

So my message to anybody who is reading this blog today, it will mean a lot to Simon & the Soundskool team & the youth if you can please click the link to sign the petition on change org website. Save Soundskool. #SaveSoundskool

Thank you for reading.

This is Calvin Casino. Over & out.

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