Thursday 7 June 2018

The big Barnet Council brown bin con

At the environment committee on Tuesday, a truly shocking disclosure was made. Barnet Council have been encouraging residents to put food waste into brown bins for composting and recycling. residents were encouraged to buy expensive biodegradable waste sacks and put the food waste into these.

 At the environment committee on Tuesday, which was packed with concerned residents, there was some shocking news. Since December, food waste has not been composted, it has been burned. Residents have been buying the expensive biodegradable bags for no reason at all. What is even more shocking is that this information was deliberately withheld from Barnet residents until after the council elections in May. During this election, the Barnet Tories made a huge play on a pledge to keep weekly bin collections.  Whilst trumpeting this, it is now clear that they not only mislead Barnet residents about their future plans, they were also misleading them about the current state of what their administration was doing. There are many things that the Barnet Conservatives have done in the ten years I've been blogging about Barnet, but this is most certainly the most sneaky and duplicitous.

If any Barnet residents have invested in compostable bags since December, I suggest you send the bill to your local councillor and ask them for a refund. There is a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that The Tories thought they'd lose the election so they have virtually bankrupted the council and trashed services, hoping Labour would get in and take the blame. It is also alleged that Labour twigged what was going on and ran a deliberately inept campaign, as they didn't want to attract bad press for Parliamentary candidates in the event of a snap general election. Of course this theory sounds bonkers, but so does the fact that the Council have mislead us for six months about food composting.

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