Friday 22 June 2018

The Friday Joke - 22/06/2018

My good friend Jeff told me a sorry tale of woe. Jeff comes from a very priviliged background. His Father set up a major hedge fund, now worth billions. Jeff's Dad, was a believer in hard work, never gave Jeff a penny and told him that he'd have to make his own way. I met Jeff at my old Comprehensive school, where his father insisted that he worked like a trojan whilst we all partied. Jeff was lucky because his mum was kind and loving but his dictatorial Dad thwarted him at every junction, insisting that it would make him strong and teach him to deal woth the world. Five years ago, Jeff was heartbroken when his beloved mum died.

When I met him I asked how things were going, he nearly cried "My Dad was told he has cancer and only has six months to live".

I replied "That's terrible Jeff, I am so sorry"

Jeff replied "That's not the problem Rog, I was out six weeks ago celebrating. In six months I would become a billionaire and I can finally move out of Burnt Oak and quit the job. I splashed out and was buy rounds of Champagne. I met this absolutely stunning woman. She was fascinated when I told her I was soon to be a millionaire. She wanted to know the whole story, exchanged numbers and two weeks ago I introduced her to Dad as my  new fiancee".

I replied that "That sounds great, Jeff what's the problem".

Jeff replied "Not really, this morning Dad married her. She's my new stepmother!".


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Jeff, I've told you before, don't comment anonymously!