Sunday, 28 July 2019

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 29/7/2019

So, dear friend,  I am sure that like me you have been fascinated with some of the myriad of rather deranged tweets that the world of twitter has produced in this last week. I am not sure whether it was the heat, the ascent of Boris or a new moon entering Leo, but people seem even more hot and bothered than ever. Whenever I see mad, bad and dangerous tweets, I always feel rather relieved. It is like steam coming out of a pressure cooker. When they are ranting and raging on twitter, they are not kicking their cat (or whatever else they take their anger out on). But I guess that as you are reading this, you are a nice, well balanced and sane, rational person, looking for the best in our community, which is what we always try and include in this column. Here is a small display that we still have nice, sane and rational people in our community, spreading light and love on Twitter. And we introduce a new feature. A special guest Tweet of the week. I was delighted to find that one of my Twitter heroes, Nancy Sinatra followed me this week. I've always loved Nancy and I think she is the best thing on Twitter in the USA at the moment. So she has the honour of having the inaugural Special guest tweet of the week.

Special Guest Tweet of the Week.

1. Mark Amies has been campaigning for the Railway Hotel in Edgware to be restored to its former glory for a very long time. We've supported him for a very long time. Lets hope that sooner or later Barnet Council and Historic England start doing their job and get on the case.

2. I must check out the churchyard at St Mary's in Finchley. This is a wonderful picture

3. And while we're on the subject of places worth a visit in Finchley, Stephens House is well worth a look

4. A massive congratulations to the Finchley Childrens Music Group for their amazing performance at the BBC Proms

5. Here is a really important date for your diary from Mill Hill's oldest family business

6. Happy 100th Birthday for one of Mill Hill's most esteemed figures

7. Fancy getting funky in Colindale? A date for your diary

8. Probably the funniest local tweet of the week! (Although not funny for Ed Holloway)

9. Stiffleaf likes one of our local landmarks! Looks like it needs a lick of paint thoigh

10. Need an environmentally friendly delivery service in London?

Well, that's nearly all folks, but as a special treat for you, as we are big fans of Nancy Sinatra, and she's now following us, here is one of her finest moments

Have a great weekend and don't let the bugs bite!

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