Sunday, 14 July 2019

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 14/7/2019

Once more we have seen a fine bunch of intelligent and informative tweets in the London Borough  of Barnet. I was asked by one of our tweeters what you have to do to get on the list. The answer is simple, post a really interesting, informative or funny tweet with some sort of relevance to this little patch of London where we live, tag me in and if I like it enough to make my top ten, viola!

As it's the weekend, I generally avoid political tweets.

1. Fancy a bit of school fair action? Check out the Frith Manor fayre.

2. We need more activities for our young people, not less. Sign this petition

3. Some great work done by our local children, check this out

4. A big shout out to these guys! What a great way to spend your Sunday

5. NCT do great work. We attended the courses before the birth of our children and it helped prepare for the experience. Support them

6. I must admit, this made me chuckle

7. Great Tweet from our friends at The Mill Hill Historical Society

8. Mark Amies AKA @Superfast72 has made a huge effort to ensure that the Railway Hotel is not let go to rack and ruin. We are proud to have supported him along the route

9. Fancy some Jazz this week?

10. Good luck to everyone doing Rock School exams in Mill Hill Today.

That's all folks, Enjoy the Cricket, Tennis and your Sunday lunch!

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