Sunday, 7 July 2019

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 7/7/2019

A busy week for me. A busy week for our local tweeters. Some rather good ones!

Don't forget to follow any tweeters you like the look of!

1. Let's start with some rather nice pictures of Mill Hill Broadway

2. We are big supporters of our local litter pickers. Well done to the Mill Hill group. Make sure you follow them so you don't miss the next pick.

3. I bet you didn't know Burnt Oak had such a glamorous past.

4. All we seem to hear about young people is bad things, it is a really misleading picture as the vast majority are amazing. Megan is a fine example of this. Well done Megan!

5. This is one of our favourites as well!

6. A bit of interesting local history.

7. A lovely picture, we hope the kittens can be reunited with their owners.

8. East Barnet festival is a local gem. Even the Festival dog enjoyed it.

9. As a community, sadly in this day and age we need to support our Foodbanks.

10. And finally, Just over the border, in West Hampstead, we saw an amazing performance today by a very talented young girl.

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