Saturday, 26 October 2019

The Saturday List #238 - Your favourite record labels

Last week I published a list of my favourite record labels and the reason why. I've had a fair few comments on  Facebook, Twitter etc from some of the readers of the blog and a few suggestions of labels that would have warranted inclusion. Whilst I am happy with my list, there are quite a few that would make the cut. So I thought that as it was rather popular, I'd list a few of the suggestions and my 11-20 list.

Mark Collins

"Deram, Deutsche Grammophon, Blue Note"

Allen Ashley

"Personally, I might make the case for Elektra (Love, The Doors), island (Amy Winehouse), Charisma (early Genesis, mid-period Hawkwind), Harvest,(Pink Floyd) and Reprise (Neil Young, Joni Mitchell). Then there's Capitol (Frank Sinatra) and all those old jazz labels like Blue Note. And what about East West (early Tori Amos) or Cherry Red (Dead Kennedys, some Hawkwind)...?"

John McCann

"For me 'Nuclear Blast' check out the bands on that level."

Michael Griffin

"Elektra and Island for me and Parlophone"

Boz Boorer

"rough trade"

Deadly Doug

"You are bonkers if you have a list without Sun Record and RCA"


"No RAK records? Suzi Quattro and Sweet"

If I was going to pick another ten based on these suggestions, mine would be

11.  Sun Records

12. Blue Note

13. Harvest

14. Reprise

15. Capitol

16. Rough Trade

17. RCA

18. RAK

19. Elektra

20. Island.

Of course all of the other suggestions are worthy, and the fact people have bothered to suggest them shows just how important they are. It is fair to say that none deserve to be left out, given that years on, we still love them

I definitely think this is an interesting subject and I have what I think is a brilliant idea to follow this up. Watch this space........

Thanks for all of your suggestions.

Oh and just a little reminder for you, if you are not doing anything next Friday, come down for a night of music and fun at The Adam and Eve at Mill Hill at 8pm. Make sure to say hi...

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