Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The Wednesday Poem and Barnet Cultural Round Up - 30/10/2019


Winfield boots and pic and mix,
Pots and pans and evostick,
Foam filled teddies and polar bears, 
cushions, fans and dolls house chairs.

Woolworths, where have you gone?
the palace of so much fun,
the Jewel in our town High Street
It's all become just so downbeat.

Iceland just don't cut the mustard,
Frozen pies and tins of custard,
Woolworths, Woolworths, please com back
Gives us all the magic back!

Copyright 2019 Roger Tichborne

What it's all about....
Just looking in an old diary. 20 years ago, my then three year old daughter had successfully swam a width of the swimming pool at David Lloyds in Finchley. Her reward? I told her that when she managed it, she could go to Woolworths and I'd buy her anything in the shop she wanted, but only one item. After about ten minutes deliberation, she chose a milk shake maker. When her elder sister had been given the same choice, she'd chosen a big bag of pick and mix. We had a ritual on Sunday. They would go to ten O'clock mass. After, we'd go to Woolies and they'd be allowed a selection of pick and mix. They'd be allowed two scoops each. I'd buy records their, paint, glue, cheese graters etc. I knew the company secretary of the Woolworths group, who lived in Finchley. The company was not killed by changing shopping patterns, it was killed by asset stripping which ruined the business model. Sadly the money men who ran it and destroyed it, propagated the myth that it was an out of date business. When my kids have kids, there will be no such fun. I don't have a problem with Iceland, which is a decent enough shop, full of decent bargains, but High Streets need shops like Woolworths. I miss it and I think it's demise is yet another example of the way we are squeezing all of the fun out of everything.  Woolworths was an icon and a jewel.

The Borough of Barnet Cultural Diary

Here's this weeks round up. A few rather tasty treats!

Amazing Jazz at the Mill Hill Jazz club tonight!

This weeks gigs in Barnet

The Arts Depot

Board games for over 55's

The Bohemia
Hampstead Theatre
Live music in Mill Hill

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