Thursday, 17 October 2019

The Thursday Local News Roundup 17/10/2019

It's Thursday, so it's the local news roundup. Sadly some of it is rather upsetting

Cat mutilator on the loose

On Saturday 12th October the decapitated body of a much loved cat was found. The cat had been missing since Monday 7th October but looked freshly placed.
On Monday 14th October a head belonging to the cat was found placed at another location nearby.
A veterinary examination has confirmed that the injuries were inflicted by a person using a bladed instrument. (Source Inside Mill Hill)

The Barnet Eye asks everyone to keep an eye out. We need to catch this maniac

Huge Mill Hill Flytip on the news again

Last week it was ITV news, this week we had the BBC filming the UK's largest flytip, with a member of the Mill Hill Litterpickers telling the story. Apparently TFL are clearing their part of the mess. We hope that the site is properly secured to ensure that it stays clear.

Support your local grassroots Rugby club

If you like Rugby, then why not make sure you enjoy it with Mill Hill's local club

Library Consultation

Barnet Council are holding a consultation about the library service (not that this really exists in many parts of the Borough, in the truest sense of a public library). I urge everyone to participate

Lib Dems take the Lead in Finchley and Golders Green seat

A recent opinion poll in the Finchley and Golders Green seat reports that the Lib Dems have taken a convincing lead in the polls, following the adoption of Luciana Berger as candidate. Labour's vote has clearly suffered following the decision of candidate Sara Conway to step down. I suspect that this will be a fascinating seat to watch in the forthcoming general election.

Local Comedy

If you are a Ricky Gervais fan, here's your chance to see him locally. I think he is referring to the Arts Depot in Finchley

Local Rabbi arrested

Local Rabbi Jeffrey Newman was arrested earlier in the week during Extinction Rebellion protests. One has to say that whatever your view of the protest, the sight of a 77 year old Rabbi being carried off by the police is not good.

Mill Hill Music Complex celebrates 40 years of music in Mill Hill

A date for your diary. Mill Hill Music Complex studios are celebrating 40 years of music in Mill Hill with a celebratory gig, all for free, at the Adam and Eve pub. Please come along.

And we always love to finish with something inspiring and positive locally. Check out this amazing video of the Mill Hill Rugby Club mixed ability Rugby Team


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