Thursday, 24 October 2019

The Thursday Local News Roundup -24/10/2019 - Local Fireworks displays & other news

A lot of people have been asking about local organised firework displays, so I thought we'd do a special.

Saracens - Mill Hill


Moss Hall School - Finchley

North London Collegiate School - Edgware

Mill Hill School

And if you are attending the display at Saracens on Friday 2nd, why not adjourn to the Adam and Eve afterwards, for a night of music and fun!

Other news

There has been much talk about the Mayor of London's ULEZ zone. It is worth noting that this has lead to a huge decrease in air pollution, which any sensible person would welcome. (courtesy Barnet Times)

Want to get fit? Why not try Rugby training

And we finish with some good news!

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