Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 13/10/2019

So what has been happening in the London Borough of Barnet, through the eyes of our local tweeters?

1. Tha saga of the long, slow death of the Railway Hotel in Edgware takes another sad turn. This is a story we've been following for rather too long. In what sort of world is this fine building left to rot.

2. One of the less visited parts of the Borough, Graham Park Parade looks set for new found fame!

3. Hats off to the hard work of Mark Warren of the Mill Hill litter pickers for getting this story into the news and getting some action. An absolute storm of argument has since followed following an attempt by Hendon Conservative MP Matthew Offord to take all of the credit. Many local residents were very disappointed that Mr Offord neglected to mention the efforts of Mark Warren and let their feelings be known on both Twitter and Facebook.

4. Colindale also has a rather good litter picking group, so if you are not busy on Saturday.

5. And while we are in Colindale, this looks amazing. An evening with PAul Canonville, the first black Chelsea player. I think I'll be making my way along to this one.

6. The 8th Hendon Scout group smashed it this week. Well done to all. We are big supporters of our amazing local scout groups, who provide such amazing activities and days out

7. Like a bit of fruit and veg? Here's a date for your diary!

8. This is our historical tweet of the week

9. Want some quality Jazz in Mill Hill

10. And a date for your diary, if you love live music!

That's all folks!

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