Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Tweets of the week in Barnet 27/9/2014

So here it is. Again. Our weekly roundup of the best and worst tweets of the week in and around the London Borough of Bonkers

1. A rather odd tweet from the deputy Leader of the Barnet Tories. Seems he's worried that Ed Milliband will forget to implement a socialist utopia when elected?

What else will Ed forget to do if ever, God help us, he is PM?!

2. It seems that Mike Freer is getting hot under the collar about a cartoon strip which lampoons Hitler and the Nazis.

Sep 23
MPs join call to pull comic book showing ‘Hipster Hitler’ : “It makes Hitler seem acceptable." Agree?

3. The Borough of Barnets top Baking WAG is rallying troops to the cause!

4. Mr Reasonable is concerned that Barnet has torpedoed social care in Barnet with huge pension liability for YCB, whilst excusing private contractors such as Capita of their obligations.

Urgent feedback on ACAS/Your Choice Barnet meeting Have Barnet unfairly saddled YCB with massive pension liability

5. Suzy Fitzgerald is outaraged that the taxpayer has yet again been shafted in Barnet

Outrage as care home bought for £1 set to be sold for £12million - this is outrageous

6. Globetrotting Barnet Councillor magically appears where we least expect him !

7. Disgraced criminal ex councillor Brian Coleman seems to think that in the year 2014 people are interested in the private live of a long dead former Prime Minister. One suspects that poor old Brian is a tad out of touch.

Heath was as queer as F**k and I suspect Special branch files from the 1950 would show that

8. Sadly Burnt Oak is making the news for all the wrongreasons
Man in critical condition after being stabbed in Watling Park, Burnt Oak, on Friday morning

9. It seems that local residents are none too pleased with Barratt homes
Top / All
West Hendon estate residents blocking Barratt Homes construction site entrance this morning

 10. Laura Haynes is most impressed with Mill Hills newest Zebra crossing !

A brand new zebra crossing to walk over. That's about as exciting as life in gets!


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Brian Coleman complains about the bad language some people use in Twitter and then uses the 'F' word himself. Go figure!

Rog T said...

I suspect that Brian rather believes that he lives outside the rules which apply to mere mortals