Sunday 30 August 2015

BarnetEyeTV - Rog T explains his opposition to the scrapping of Meals on Wheels by Barnet Council

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J.S said...

Roger I feel I must once again comment on this subject of meals on wheels & were Barnets priorities Lye . Are they so mixed up in there tiny minds as to think that they could just simply get away with this . It's another Mapledown Attack on what they perceive as the weakest among us , sick & Disabled kids don't put up much of a fight & they can't vote ! & now the elderly house bound who probably can't get out to vote . So I will get to the point . Ask your Local councils who has been put up Free !!! In Barnet house for the last 3 years at an approximate cost of £2000 pr week to us the Local Tax payer . & breaking there own Rules by not being allowed to show Any favouritism to any political or Religious Group ! Just ask the question folks & hold on to your hats .