Sunday, 16 August 2015

Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 16/8/2015

Without further ado.....

1. Colindale residents upset with Barnet Council plans for offices

residents association in voiced & hearing of proposals 4 offices
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2.Over 60? Want a great deal? Check this fabulous Burnt Oak offer out

Check out this deal for seniors every Tuesdays in Edgware!

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3. The Edgware Police are operating in stealth mode!

Half of the team are out in plain clothes around today! So although you might not be able to see us, we are still there!

4. Finchley is Great is rather taken with this rather cool blog. So are we!

A great blog post and Finchley Central - the song:

5. The FSB are promoting women working in Small Business

Share inspiring stories Buzzing Business Club - 17-8

6. Cllr Arjun Mittra found this amusing. So did we

Habits from old jobs die hard. 

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7. Disgraced Ex Councillor Brian Coleman has a novel solution to the issue of drugs in Sport. We never had him down as much of an expert on sporting issues. One suspects that he'd rather Sport was simply banned.

Lets just accept that the majority of athletes are on drugs , just like cycling and drop pointless measures to try and stop it

8. Deputy Leader of Barnet Council is keen to set up a "Youth Zone" in Barnet. It would be nice to see something being done for them. It is certainly about time.

  1. Interesting discussions ongoing with about potential Youth Zone in Barnet. They provide fantastic opportunities for young people.

9. The Adventure Travel Film set at Mill Hill School!

Lovely morning at mill hill school  
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10. Want to see a real Gold Disc?

Want to see what a gold disc looks like? We got one in reception

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