Monday, 3 August 2015

Don't jump!

There are many times we make spur of the moment decisions. Some are good and some are bad. Sometimes we have to make a quick decision, such as when we are driving, but when we have time and the issue is important, we surely should listen to the arguments and base our decision on the best information and facts not prejudices.

Members of the Labour Party have just such a decision. Some commentators have stated that the length of time the process is taking is damaging, but we believe it is healthy and democratic. Most critics support candidates who have run abysmal campaigns and clearly have little to offer except a degree of profile. There only argument seems to be "the other guy will lose the next election" ignoring the fact that their own campaigns expose their lack of political savvy. If they can't even persuade their own side that they are the best potential Prime Minister, why on earth should anyone else believe them?

The only campaign that has sparked the publics interest is that of Jeremy Corbyn. He is the only candidate to put forward a positive agenda. As such he is the candidate who most deserves the job. His opponents state Labour cannot win with Corbyn at the helm. I disagree as he seems to be the only one who can string two coherent sentences together. If that makes you unelectable then God help us.

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