Friday, 28 August 2015

Capita get £8 grand kickback from Barnet Council for dumping meals on wheels

As regular readers will undoubtedly realise, The Barnet Eye revealed the plan for Barnet Council to dump meals on wheels deliveries to local vulnerable people. I didn't think that I could find any proposal more disgusting, however I was wrong. My fellow Barnet blogger Mr Reasonable yesterday emailed me to ask if I realised that Barnet taxpayers have to pay Capita over £8000 in 'Gainshare' payments. It seems that every time the council identifies a cut, Capita are entitled to a kickback, meaning the worse the service for residents, the more money Capita shareholders get.

According to Mr Reasonable, this payment is small fry for Gainshare. The Barnet Bloggers are on the case. Whilst our bovine Labour and Tory councillors seem happy with this arrangement, we are not.

We believe that this contract works against the interests of the people of Barnet, especially the old and vulnerable. Keep an eye on all the Barnet blogs as there will be plenty more coming out soon.

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