Monday 31 August 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 31/8/2015

So it is the last day of August, next week the schools reopen and life returns to normal. I am back from my break in Crete. What did I miss?

1. Adam King spotted an offer he couldn't refure (heh heh!)

I don't think this is just a dry cleaners.......
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2. Are you a Mill Hill Resident? The LSE has a report on your neighbourhood!

A report completed by LSE's Regional Urban Planning Studies students on Mill Hill.

3. Nice piccie from Becca Saunders of Mill Hill flooding

The flooding in Mill Hill is crazy

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4. And at the other end of the Broadway

Re: Mill Hill Circus flooding - it's pretty bad there, see attached. Be patient as drivers avoid the worst of it.

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5. A new campaign to keep Hendon Tidy

Dog walker launches campaign to 'Keep Hendon Tidy': Dog walker launches campaign to 'Keep Hendon Tidy'...

6. Seems like Finchley has a new church, not that it looks much like one!

New springboard for mission in : << Check out this story on the diocese website

7. Great picture of a MK1 Spitfire at Hendon Museum

Spitfire Mk1 with statue of Sir Keith Park in background at Hendon
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8. Another one of the flooding, this time at Brent Cross

Avoid Brent Cross flyover, the road is completely flooded

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9. Lib Dem Jack Cohen calls out @BarnetCouncil for telling porkies about flogging off Cricklewoods only green space

Barnet Council justify flogging off community asset Cricklewood Green saying too much anti social behaviour no ! it's about money

10. Want to know when the best time to Practice Drums is? I wonder if the neighbours agree

Want to know when the best time to practice drums is? Right now!

Thats all folks. Seems I missed a rather damp time!

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