Friday 22 April 2016

Prince RIP

Image result for PrinceYesterday I was in the studio doing the admin and checking our twitter account when I noticed Prince was trending. I assumed it was something to do with the Queens birthday. Out of curiosity, I clicked the link and was totally shocked. At first I hoped it was a sick spoof, but a  check on the BBC website confirmed the worst.

I first came across Prince when a friend started raving about his music. I asked him to describe it. He replied "Hendrix, Little Richard and Michael Jackson rolled into one!". If like me you love Rock and Roll, it is a potent mix. We saw the millenium in to his epic 1999 track as I am sure millions did.

Prince was a proper rock and roller. He lived his life to excess and he oved his life. The thing I admired most about him was that he wasn't afraid to take chances and never played it safe. He always kept an aura of untouchability and was unique. I am sure right now he's up on that cloud, guitar plugged in. I can amost hear him jamming with Jimi Hendrix in my head right now. I always thought it was a shame Hendrix never lived to cover Purple Rain. Now that would be something!

RIP Prince, we'll not see your like again.

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