Tuesday 26 April 2016

How Barnet Council treats disabled people - Part 2

 I am sharing this email with personal details redacted. I am happy to set up a meeting if any of our councillors are genuinely interested in helping. I note that the Mayor still has a limo. I won't comment at this time, beyond saying my disgust is unbounded.
From: *********** *******
 Sent: 25 April 2016 16:13
To: roger
Subject: Disabled Freedom Passes being cancelled by LBB without warning

Dear Roger
Many thanks for responding to my daughters Twit, to obtain your contact email.
I am emailing your in response to a letter you posted on your blog, regarding a disabled young man having his Freedom Travel Pass cancelled by the LBB without any warning.
The very same thing has just happened to my disabled daughter.
This what I sent to The Hendon Times.
My disabled daughter received a letter informing her that she now does now does not fit the criteria for a Freedom Pass. She has had had it since the age of 10 she is now 19.
The letter stated that she had 30 days to appeal. 10 days since receiving the letter, she boards a bus to come home and is informed that her Freedom Pass has been cancelled. Leaving her to panic and have a meltdown. Thankfully I was able to be contacted to collect her and return her home.
Barnet gave her no notice that the pass had been cancelled and the letter did not state that the pass would be cancelled.
Surely under Safeguarding the vulnerable Barnet Council have failed. Do Barnet not have a duty of care to their vulnerable people. Are they not picking on the ones with the least understanding and ability to fight their corner, all to save money.
How do Barnet Council sleep at night.
So now I have a 19 year old Autistic daughter with mobility issues, unable to go our, until either her Freedom Pass is reactivated or we obtain an Oyster Cards.
Are other boroughs being as nasty, I think not.

The letter that ****** was sent stated that she did not fit the criteria as stated by Transport for London.
I wanted to appeal, I had 30 days from the receipt of the letter to send in a written appeal. If no appeal was sent in then I could re apply for consideration in 6 months.
The letter was dated **/04/16  ten days later my disabled daughter is in Burnt Oak, she tried to get on a bus to Edgware only to find the pass has been cancelled. Thankfully the bus driver allows her to travel to Edgware
Being Autistic she gets very anxious about now being stranded in Edgware as she does not believe the next bus driver will let her one, so she calls me in a state. Thankfully I was at home.
The letter gave no indication as to when the pass would be cancelled, surely to God you at least wait the 30 days to see if an appeal is lodged.
My daughter attends Oak Lodge Special School and has so since she was 11.
Barnet Council are now going to have a fight on their hands as they are picking on the most vulnerable and the ones with no voice to fight back.
Your daughters might remember ******** from *********.
You will also know my parents****  and ***** ********.
I am cross beyond words as all I seem to be doing is fighting ******** corner  but I will continue to do so.
Anyway I just wanted to pint out that the young man who wrote in, is probably one of many.
I truly believe that this is something only Barnet borough are doing
I will stop ranting, thank you for taking the time to read this

Best wishes
Mrs ******** *********

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